How to earn money by playing games – 3 Apps


When we talk about how to earn money by playing games then Mist Play is on top. Its an Android-based loyalty program that rewards gamers for playing their video games. The idea is to reward players for playing and interacting with various mobile games with in-app purchases or gift cards, thereby motivating game play.

How to Earn Money by playing games

Download and Install

Users can download the Mistplay app from google play store and create an account afterwards. 

Discover Games

Users can play a wide variety of games featured on the app. These games are often divided into genres, and Mistplay can make game recommendations based on the user’s tastes and gameplay background. 

Earn Points

Within the MistPlay app, users can earn points by participating in these games. Time spent playing, degree of engagement and achievements made in games are some examples of variables that can influence the number of points obtained.


Once points are accumulated, they can be exchanged for gifts. Typically, these rewards come in the form of gift cards (to stores like Amazon, Google Play, etc.), but sometimes, they also include in-game credits for famous titles.

Talk and Compete

MistPlay also offers social features, enabling users to talk about games, connect with friends, and compete on leaderboards.

Variety of Games

The app offers a selection of games to suit the tastes of different gamers, ranging from light-hearted titles to more challenging strategy games.

It’s important to remember that Mistplay is not so much a game alone as it is a platform for game rewards and exploration. The model helps game developers by giving gamers more exposure and interaction for their games and  compensating their gaming time. Moreover if you want to know more about how to earn money by playing games then check on and if you want to learn about how to earn money by Earn Karo ( India’s no. 1 Affiliate marketing program then check this out —> Earn Karo


When we talk about how to earn money by playing games then Dream 11 is an unique and engaging platform, Dream11 has completely revolutionized the fantasy sports industry. Then how does this app work? Let us now check the working of this interesting application.

How to earn money by playing games

Signing up and getting started

The journey starts with an easy registration process. After downloading the Dream11 app and creating an account, users are welcomed to an environment where they can showcase their playing skills and strategies. 

Choosing the Match

The journey starts with an easy registration process. After downloading the Dream11 app and creating an account, users are welcomed to an environment where they can showcase their playing skills and strategies.

Creating Your Dream Team

This is where the appeal of Dream11 really shines. To assemble a virtual team of real players, users are given a set amount of credits. What matters is the actual performance of these players in the game, so choose carefully!

Joining Contest

With a team in place, users can join various contests. Some are free, while others require a small entry fee. There are grand leagues with large prize pools or smaller contests with fewer competitors.

Earning Points

Players in your fantasy team earn points based on their performance during actual matches. Your team’s score is derived from every activity including catches, wickets, runs and goals.

Winning and Earnings

You win if your team scores enough points! This translates to actual cash prizes in paid competitions that are withdrawable.

Continuous learning and Improvement

Dream11 requires strategy, knowledge of players’ form and match conditions apart from pure luck. The more you play you become more skilled at making winning combinations. In short, Dream11 offers an engaging and dynamic way to interact with your favorite sports. It’s more than just watching a game; It’s about taking part in it, planning actions and enjoying the rush of competition. Dream11 offers something for every kind of sports fan, from casuals to die-hard enthusiasts. Moreover there are many other apps which guide us about how to earn money by playing games My 11 Circle .


When we talk about how to earn money by playing games then An online mobile game called Junglee Rummy transforms the classic card game of Rummy into a digital medium. It is an app that can be downloaded on various mobile platforms that allows users to play rummy with people from all over the world. Apart from its entertainment value, the main attraction of Junglee Rummy is the chance for players to earn real money through the gameplay.

How to earn money by playing games

Set up and Registration

Players must first download the Junglee Rummy app and register for an account. The registration process is simple and usually only requires some basic personal details.

Game Variants

Many variations of rummy are available on the app including Deals Rummy , Pool Rummy etc. To accommodate different players’ preferences, each variation has its own set of guidelines and chances for victory.

Playing the Game

To join a game, players must first enter the lobby and select their desired stake and game type. The goal of the game, which follows the classic rummy format, is to arrange the dealt cards into sets and sequences that make sense. To combine their cards into playable combinations before their opponents, players draw and discard cards.

Free and Cash Games

There are cash games and free games at Junglee Rummy. While cash games offer the possibility to win real money and require players to pay an entry fee, free games are meant for practice or leisure.

How to earn money by playing games like Junglee Rummy

Winning Cash Games

When a player wins a cash game, he gets paid. The number of participants and entry fees determine the winners. Larger prize pools are generally available at higher stakes tables.


A variety of tournaments are held on the app, some of which have large prize pools. A lot of money can be earned by winning or finishing high in these competitions.


The player’s gaming account is where the winnings are kept. Players who follow the app’s withdrawal guidelines can transfer their winnings to a bank account or virtual wallet.

Safety and Fair Play

Playing Junglee Rummy guarantees a safe and equitable gaming environment. It distributes cards using a random number generator and has strict anti-fraud and anti-collusion policies. Players should understand the risks and local laws associated with paying to play online games Moreover there are many other Rummy platforms like Rummy Circle which are great to put a limelight on the how to earn money by playing games.

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